Karina Baras

The composer Karina Baras


Karina Baras is a Nizhny Novgorod composer, a member of the Composers' Union of Russia. She was born in Cheboksary in 1971. Graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory. M.I. Glinka in 1995 in two specialties: "musicology" (from Professor T.N. Levayj) and "composition" (from Professor B.S. Gezelev); in 1997. - Assistant-trainee in the specialty "composition".

In 1999 became the Laureate of the Second Prize of the Second International Competition of Composers in Germany (Saarlouis) for the work "Quasi niente" for celesta and organ.

In 2010 became twice the Laureate of the First All-Russian Open Competition of Compositions for the creation of compositions in the genre of choral music: The second prize for the work for the mixed choir and the cape "The Swan" for K. Balmont's verses and the Third Prize for the work for the children's choir and the Chapel "There Was a Cat" the poems of N. Zabolotsky.

In 2016 became a student of the Third International Competition of Composers "Roman Sladkopevets" for the work "Lullaby" for mixed choir, oboe, violin and cello.

In 2018 - Laureate of the first prize of the First All-Russian Competition of Composers "AVANTI" for the work "Aphorisms" for piano.

She is the author of works for different compositions of instruments: symphonic, chamber-instrumental works, vocal cycles and works for children. Participant of the First International Festival named after Sakharov, International Festivals of Contemporary Music "Moscow Autumn", "Pictures from the Exhibition", "Contemporary Art and Education", etc. Has scientific publications, various methodological developments and manuals.

Karina Baras